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Verizon Partner Solutions offers innovative solutions and world class service on a state-of-the-art network. We are focused on helping telecommunications service providers grow locally and globally.

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Cloud Computing

Compute in the clouds for low cost, on-demand, flexible and secure server applications from a single, top-reputation provider.Learn more


Verizon Partner Solutions is focused on providing you with the latest technologies to support your network needs. Our Ethernet solutions can provide you with a range of cost-effective alternatives today. Learn more


As the number of VoIP residential users increases and the market expands to accept VoIP as their product of choice, Verizon Enterprise is helping carriers meet the demand by offering a suite of Wholesale Local and Long Distance IP services.Learn more

Professional Services

Merging new technology solutions with existing IT infrastructures, upgrading critical applications, or finding better ways to manage data storage and retrieval can be daunting– and, if not handled properly, disruptive.Learn more


With more than 15 years of experience and our powerful information security solutions, which work within our customer's existing infrastructure, we help protect organizations without radically changing the way they operate. Learn more


Verizon Partner Solutions offers a wide range of award winning transport services. Learn more

Now Available!

Verizon Financial Network (VFN) Low Latency Service is a vital communication service that provides financial firms with low-latency access to the trading connectivity needed to conduct business securely and reliably. Learn more

Verizon Digital Media Services

Satisfy your consumer demand for premium digital media across any network to any device. Digital Media Services provides enterprises with a suite of advanced video solutions and products. Our flexible and robust video solutions are customizable and can be seamlessly integrated for video on demand, linear channels, live events and advanced advertising. Learn more


Verizon Partner Solutions offers a broad portfolio of value-added, competitively priced services to assist domestic and international telecommunications service providers in reaching their goals. We offer innovative solutions coupled with world class expertise and global reach on a state-of-the-art network. Learn more

Service and Operations Highlights

Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

M2M innovations are dramatically changing the way we live. From a doctor remotely monitoring a heart attack patient to a mother using a PDA to turn on the house lights for her children, countless possibilities are emerging. Learn more

Data Center & IT Solutions

Verizon Partner Solutions offers Data Center and IT Solutions to meet your business and IT objectives.Learn more

Network Scalability

Our Ethernet solutions can provide you with a range of cost-effective alternatives today. Trust a dependable, reliable provider like Verizon to meet your Ethernet needs. Learn more

Systems Integrators

Verizon Partner Solutions provides reliable, value-added solutions to help you enable customers across town or around the globe. And with our high quality network, you can't help but win when you choose Verizon as your carrier of choice.Learn more

Small/Medium Business (SMB) Solutions

Verizon Partner Solutions offers products to help you provide solutions for your Small and Medium Business customers' needs. Learn more

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