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OSS Interface Change Management

OSS Interface Change Management
Meeting Logistics
  Your source for OSS Interface Change Management meeting details.
  Upcoming Meetings
  Archived Meetings
  Change Management 2016 Meeting Schedule
System Release Information
  Find advance information about CLEC impacting changes and notifications of interest to all resale and facility based providers.
  System Release Dates - 2017
  System Release Dates - 2016
  System Release - December 2016
  System Release - October 2016
  System Release - August 2016
  System Release - June 2016
  System Release - April 2016
  System Release - February 2016
  System Release Dates - 2015
  System Release - December 2015
  System Release - October 2015
  System Release - August 2015
  System Release - June 2015
  System Release - April 2015
  System Release - February 2015
  Your source for OSS Interface Change Management reference material.
  Change Request Form
  CLEC Change Management Notification
  CM Prioritization_Process
  The source to add (or remove) your email id from the OSS Interface Change Management distribution list.
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