Data Center and IT Solutions

Verizon Partner Solutions offers Data Center and IT Solutions to meet your business and IT objectives. Our Enterprise Cloud service portfolio delivers on-demand computing infrastructure in a "cloud" environment allowing deployment of compute resources in minutes to quickly meet your day-to-day business needs.

Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI)

Verizon's SCI is on demand, usage only pricing so that the customer only pays for what they use. Our selection of Cloud Service Providers (CSP) has the leading Cloud Partners with the secureness of Private IP. >more

Cloud Services

Verizon Partner Solutions's Enterprise Cloud services enable you, our carrier customers, to customize your own powerful IT clouds for access to bandwidth, servers, storage and firewalls. Our infrastructure platforms provide you dynamic, real-time control over what, when and how you deploy the computing service resources. Enterprise Cloud services allow Verizon Partner Solutions customers to decide how to configure an IT infrastructure that delivers the best ratio of IT costs to business performance. >more

Data Center Colocation (DCC)

Our data centers provide a secure, dedicated environment where you can colocate Internet servers as well as data networking and voice equipment, and establish duplicate environments for redundancy. Data Center Colocation (DCC) services offer a high degree of control over the applications themselves, without having to worry about the physical infrastructure or other non-core business issues. >more

Cloud Partner Showcase

Our Cloud Partners are instrumental in allowing us to expand our channel opportunities and drive new business activity around the globe. We are proud to showcase the profiles of Cloud Partners we are working with in various capacities to deliver extraordinary value within the Cloud marketplace. >more

OC 192 Available for Point-to-Point SONET
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