IP Communications

As the number of VoIP residential users increases and the market expands to accept VoIP as their product of choice, Verizon Enterprise is helping carriers meet the demand by offering a suite of Wholesale Local and Long Distance IP services.

Private IP (PIP)

Verizon Partner Solutions's Private IP service (PIP) is a smart business move for customers who require secure connectivity solutions that easily connect to multiple locations. >more

Private IP Wireless Access

Verizon is one of the first companies to offer wireless access option to connect to a private network. Verizon's solution Private IP Wireless Access provides both primary and backup access to the Verizon Partner Solutions Private IP network, without utilizing the public Internet. Verizon's solution helps reduce the risk of a wireline network outage by providing a diverse, broadband access method and enabling the ability to continue revenue-generating operations and maintain consistent productivity levels. >more

SIP Gateway Service

SIP Gateway Service is a Local and Long Distance Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that transports VoIP media between IP networks and the PSTN, allowing wholesale services customers to quickly and easily offer packet-based telephony products and services to their subscribers. The SIP Gateway Service accepts media traffic from retail VoIP telephony providers by way of native SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) over our SIP Internet Access products >more

Dedicated Internet Access Service

Dedicated Internet Access Service provides high-performance, high-bandwidth dedicated Internet access via TDM Private Line or Ethernet circuits. Benefits include extensive bandwidth, configuration and billing options designed to suit specific business needs. >more

OC 192 Available for Point-to-Point SONET