Mobility Solutions

In an increasingly mobile marketplace, customers want and need communications solutions that help them improve productivity and stay in close contact with others. Verizon Wholesale Mobility Solutions allow you to answer those needs by offering wireless solutions that customers prefer - powered by Verizon's infrastructure and networks.

Wholesale Mobility Solutions

How can you not only maintain, but also grow your company's bottom line yields? How can you offer a triple play of voice and High-Speed Internet that now includes a wireless solution? EASY. Resell Verizon Wholesale Mobility Solutions! Verizon's Wholesale Mobility Services include wireless voice, text messaging and wireless data packages. These services are available to our customers who currently purchase Wholesale Wireline products. Adding our Mobility Solutions to your product suite lets you offer variety in voice and data services that keep your customers productive at the office and on the go. >more

Networkfleet (M2M)

Fleet management is no longer just about getting assets from point A to point B. Today, its about measuring vehicle and operator performance, managing route efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction, and keeping resources safe while addressing regulations. >more

OC 192 Available for Point-to-Point SONET
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