Mobility Solutions

In an increasingly mobile marketplace, customers want and need communications solutions that help them improve productivity and stay in close contact with others. Verizon Partner Solutions Mobility Solutions allow you to answer those needs by offering wireless solutions that customers prefer - powered by Verizon's infrastructure and networks.

Mobility Services

Verizon Mobility Services provides you access to the most advanced wireless network and infrastructure services. Verizon Mobility Services enables revenue growth today and provides the platform to launch and grow your share in the IoT marketplace.

  • The resale of White Label Wireless Solutions for either 3G or 4G LTE
  • Ownership, management and control of your end user
  • Access to a broad VPS portfolio
  • Mobility technology platform to deliver your IoT strategy
  • Award winning proactive account team for a winning partner experience and. >more

Mobile Private Network

VPS Mobile Private Network provides a comprehensive business solution by enabling a company to segregate its mobile traffic from the internet. Mobile Private Network provides a safe integration of mobile into existing environments. With Mobile Private Network you can control which devices can access your network, managing up to 5 IP Pools across your connection and what resources and applications those devices can connect to. >more

Quick Voice

Quick Voice is a proven, reliable technology, designed for a specific, voice-only customer base with chronic copper repair issues. Your Customer retains the same phone number as their landline is ported to the Quick Voice device. >more

Wireless Backup

Verizon Mobile Broadband offers your customers an affordable and reliable backup path to their wireline networks when they need it most. We call this our "Wireless Backup for Wireline Data" application. Bundle our Mobile Broadband plans with one of our wireless modems, and your customers can now be protected with a broadband wireless alternative to installing a second wireline data circuit. Staying continuously connected is important for the success of your customer's businesses, and our Wireless Backup for Wireline Data can provide a secure and economical alternative connection, helping to manage the risk of a disruption to primary connectivity. >more

Networkfleet (M2M)

Know all about your fleet in real time.

Fleet management is no longer just about getting assets from point A to point B. Today, it's about measuring vehicle and operator performance, managing route efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction, and keeping resources safe while addressing regulations.

Take our Networkfleet® solution, for example—it's helped many businesses reduce the risk of speed-related accidents, control maintenance costs, and decrease fuel bills. >more

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