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DS3 Loop

Why Verizon?

Verizon takes it commitment to provide unbundled elements to CLECs seriously. For quality and reliability, when you need unbundled network elements, trust Verizon.

Unbundled DS3 Loops give you a two-point digital channel. This channel creates a simultaneous two-way communications path. You can transmit serial, bipolar and return-to-zero isochronous digital electrical signals at 44.736 Mbps + 20 ppm.

Unbundled DS3 Loops require that you have either a physical or virtual collocation presence in the Verizon central office where you want to establish your loop. The loop connects you from a network interface device at the customer's premises to a point of interconnection in your Verizon central office POTS bay. You can also connect via an EEL wherever it is available.

The DS3 loop carries digital signals at the rate of _44.736 Mbps + 20 ppm between an end user location and a CLEC collocation arrangement located in a Verizon central office (see diagram). An unbundled DS3 loop can be interconnected with a CLEC network through either a physical or virtual collocation arrangement.

The provisioning flow is a designed flow. A circuit identification in Circuit Location Serial (CLS) format is used to identify the unbundled element. The A and Z of the circuit is the Common Language Location Identifier (CLLI) of the CLEC collocation arrangement and the CLLI of the end user location respectively.

This element is only available to the CLEC for use in conjunction with its provision of local exchange and associated exchange access service to its end users.

Non-recurring charges are billed for service orders, service connections (other charges), central office wiring (if applicable), installation dispatches (if applicable), and manual interventions (if applicable). Additional non-recurring charges are billed per day for expedited orders as applicable.

There are recurring, monthly charges for the DS3 loop, fixed (per 1/4 mile) and DS3 Service Access (SAC) in Verizon- North only. There are two class of service USOCs for residential and business service; in Verizon-North the class of service is based on Physical vs. Virtual collocation. NC-NCI codes are required to order this service.

The SAC is the same USOC as for any other physical collocation DS3 cross-connect in New York and New England. The Interconnection Access Charge (IAC) is the same as a DS3 cross-connect for virtual collocation in New York and New England.

Pricing and applicable USOCs may vary by state jurisdiction and pursuant to individual carrier interconnection agreements. See your federal and state tariffs for detailed information.

To learn more about this service, please contact us or call your account manager today.

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