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The Verizon Partner Solutions eNewsletter provides up-to-date information about our service solutions directly to your e-mail box. Whether it is an announcement about a new service offering, an enhancement to an existing one or some other news that is important, you'll know about it in a timely manner.

Industry Letters

These letters alert you to new products and services, network changes and updates that affect your business, changes in policies and procedures, even holiday schedules. This essential news and information will be delivered directly to your e-mail inbox. That makes it easier to keep up in our fast-paced industry.

If you would like to un-subscribe please send an email to Verizon.Industry.Letters@Verizon.com.

Access, Local & Network Events Notifications

Your source to add (or remove) your email address from the Access, Local and Network Events distribution lists.

VGW Access

Access Notifications keep you informed of application-related releases, system availability changes, and outages.

VGW Network Events

Network Event Bulletins notify VGW customers of events that may impact Verizon's ability to provide service. Events covered under this plan include weather-related, major network / facility outages (SS7, Transport, CO and tandem issues, etc.), Upgrades and other emergency events.