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Customer Service contact phone numbers

As a preferred Verizon customer, we'd like to provide you with quick response on any question or concern. You may contact a customer care representative at the numbers listed below. For the fastest service, please dial the phone number that matches the subject of your inquiry.

Retail ordering status and issues     (877) 483-5899
The following phone number can be used for the all other customer service needs by choosing the appropriate option:

(877) 806-1001

Wholesale Billing (Verizon West) Option 1
Wholesale DSL ordering/prequalification status and issues Option 2
Wholesale FTAS ordering/prequalification status and issues Option 3
Using/registering for ISP Members Only site Option 4
Outage with HBI, Customer Gateway, ISP Members only, XML Prequalification, Extract Prequalification, or Netway. Option 5
*For site outages, excessively slow response times, and site related problems only