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Standalone DSL:

Standalone DSL is a new Verizon broadband service effective June 30, 2005 in the East and scheduled for 2006 in the West, exact date unknown at this time.  Standalone DSL enables an ISP to order DSL without needing to establish voice services.  The rates for Standalone DSL are the same as the rates for DSL where Verizon voice service is also provided on the customer's telephone line.

Standalone DSL will require a pre-qualification by address through the ISP Members Only site.  When the address qualifies for Standalone DSL, the pre-qualification page will display a new button labeled "Order Standalone DSL" that will take you to the ordering page when clicking it.

The Standalone DSL service interval will vary by state and will be sent via notification from ISP Members Only.  Also included in the email notification will be a dedicated data line number that will be used for status, billing and trouble tickets.

Standalone DSL may require a Verizon technician to install a NID (Network Interface Device) at the customer's premise.  We recommend that ISPs advise the end users that a technician may be coming to install a NID.

Change ISP functionality will not be delivered initially with Standalone DSL.  If an end user who already has Standalone DSL wants to change service providers they must first disconnect and submit a new install order with their new provider.  Change ISP will be available in a future release and will be communicated.

A new field labeled "First Line Indicator" has been added to ISP Members Only.  If the Standalone DSL is the first line being installed into a location the indicator must be "Y".  If there is an existing line (voice or Standalone DSL) already at the location than the indicator must be "N".

Status can be obtained in the ISP Members Only web site using the Standalone DSL Status link.  Three options are available to obtain status:

  1. ISPGW Request ID
  2. Service Order Number or
  3. Standalone DSL TN.

Standalone DSL is currently not available to customers served by Remote Terminals (RT) or Overlay Remote Terminals.


Existing customers can port their POTS telephone number or disconnect voice services without porting and retain DSL service.
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