Ethernet Solutions (ASR Order Guides)

Ethernet Solutions can provide you with a range of cost-effective alternatives today.

Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC)

Verizon's Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC) provides point-to-point connectivity between Ethernet TLS UNI circuits (UNI to UNI), Ethernet TLS UNI circuits and NNI circuits (UNI to NNI). >more

LAN Extension Service (LES)

LAN Extension Service (LES) is provisioned over two dedicated fiber strands between the two locations involved where service is delivered over the network interface specified by the customer. >more

Transparent LAN Service (TLS)

Transparent LAN Service (TLS) is a high-speed data service, which uses a shared fiber network to allow for the interconnection of Local Area Networks (LANs) across selected metropolitan areas. >more

Verizon Optical Networking Order Guide

Verizon Optical Networking service provides managed optical transport of data signals of various speeds over Verizon's shared network. >more

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