Optical Ring Solutions(ASR Order Guides)

Verizon offers a broad portfolio of optical solutions that will give you great reliability, redundancy and survivability.

Bandwidth on Demand

Verizon's Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) service is a revolutionary new way to manage and control SONET-based services. The BoD service offers customers the ability to order from Verizon a variety of services that remain entirely on the BoD Network, including specified DS3 special access high capacity service, OCn services, and Gigabit Ethernet private line services, on a "Just-in-Time" basis. >more

Dedicated Sonet Ring

Verizon's Dedicated SONET Ring (DSR) is a private, dedicated fiber-based facilities network that we customize to meet the specific needs of long distance, wireless, Internet and local service providers. >more

DSR Enhancement

Verizon has introduced a number of changes to its DSR Ethernet on-ring channel offerings. These include the introduction of:
- A protected Ethernet (10 MBPS) and Fast Ethernet (100 MBPS, with 50 MBPS and full-rate pass-through) on-ring channels. While Ethernet and Fast Ethernet services have been available in the marketplace for some time, they were not eligible as on-ring channels to DSR. As DSR on-ring channels, they will be available with both electrical and optical handoffs.
- A new protected GigE offering (GigE2 or 100 MBPS pass through) has also been introduced. As is true with other GigE on-ring channels, GigE2 will only be available as an optical handoff. >more

IntelliLight Optical Transport Service (IOTS)

IntelliLight Optical Transport Service (IOTS) is a Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) ring based service, offering multi-node diversely routed ring architecture. >more

Multi-port Interface Facilities And Channels Order Guide (MPIC)

Multi-port Facilities are used in conjunction with our Verizon IntelliLight Optical Transport Service (IOTS). The Multi-port Facilities are used for connections over a Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) ring between two multi-port interface cards. >more

Integrated Optical Service

Verizon Integrated Optical Service allows for very flexible network configurations. Depending on whether your network requirements demand pure wavelength services or any mix of traditional SONET, Special Access Hi-Cap DS1 and DS3, or the many flavors of Ethernets services, Integrated Optical Service can be configured to meet your needs. The base platform for Integrated Optical Service consists of DWDM ring facility nodes comprised of ROADM devices at the customer designated premises and Verizon central offices. The ROADM devices multiplex riders on or off the Integrated Optical Service network. >more

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