Private Line Solutions (ASR Order Guides)

With an expansive selection of options, our suite of Private Line Solutions meet whatever capacity demand you have for both local and long distance needs.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Network Service is a form of 'fast packet' switching service for high speed networks which require flexible bandwidth, high-performance transport and switching for connectivity between and among widely distributed customer locations. >more

Custom Connect Order Guide

Verizon Custom Connect service makes it easy to take advantage of point-to-point optical transport service to serve your customers and meet your needs. >more

FiberConnect Order Guide

FiberConnect Service is an interstate Special Access product, which terminates 4 DS1 circuits at the Customers Designated Location (CDL), via a fiber facility. This product will target cellular customers who want their DS1 service on fiber facilities but will not be restricted for cellular customers only. The customer orders FiberConnect with an electrical interface and four transmission channels at 1.544 Mb/s. >more

FlexGrow Fractional Frame Relay Service

FlexGrow Fractional Frame Relay Service represents a cost effective means to provide Frame Relay Service to FlexGrow customers. >more

Frame Relay Service (FRS)

Verizon Frame Relay Service (FRS) is a data communications service that provides for data connectivity (up to the DS3 level) between and among widely distributed end-user locations. Verizon provides this connectivity via Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC) on Verizon's high performance frame switching platform. >more

IntelliLight® Broadband Transport (IBT)

IBT is provided over shared SONET facilities. Service options include OC03/OC03c, OC12/OC12c, OC48/OC48c, and OC192/OC192c facilities. >more

Optical Wavelength Service

Verizon Optical Wavelength Service (OWS), a two-point dense-wave service, allows for point-to-point wavelength services. The service will offer a variety of Ethernet, storage, SONET, and mainframe protocols, available as 2.5GB and 10 GB wavelengths. Optical Wavelength Service will allow a customer to specify the type and quantity of interfaces needed between two locations for any type of application supported. >more

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