Subscription Services

Verizon can assist you with all your InterLATA PIC and IntraLATA LPIC needs. Our applications are efficient and easy to use. You can read more about our Customer Account Record Exchange (CARE) products or about our Primary Interexchange Carrier applications below.

Primary Interexchange Carrier (PIC)

Subscription Services (SS) - West and Xpress Electronic Access (XEA) - East are the applications for submitting PIC and LPIC changes. You can also submit requests for information such as Billing Name and Address (BNA), Data Gathering, which retrieves all PIC eligible lines under a Billing Telephone Number (BTN), delete/unPIC (DPIC/UNPIC) requests, Merger/Acquisition requests, and PIC/LPIC Database Verification requests.

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Subscription Services - Products

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