Trouble Administration for Access Services

Trouble Administration XML Interfaces

TAXI (Trouble Administration XML Interface) is a Web Service Interface - a collection of operations that are network-accessible through standardized XML messaging - which allows your company to report and track troubles with Verizon. Real-time data exchanged via TAXI may be integrated into your company's internal system/application for trouble reporting and tracking. You can update values, send authorization, request escalations or send log entries via TAXI. By using TAXI, your company can track a trouble ticket electronically rather than having to make phone calls to check the status of a trouble ticket.

Additional information regarding these applications can be found at the Trouble Administration Application Interfaces home page. > more

Verizon Trouble Administration Gateway (VTAG)

Verizon Trouble Administration Gateway (VTAG) is Verizon's web application to report and track troubles on Switched or Special Access services. You can enter a trouble ticket, check the status, retrieve history, and view responses in an easy and efficient manner, thus reducing the need to call Verizon's Maintenance Repair Center.

The VTAG Application Home Page provides additional information about VTAG such as the web form application for a user ID, release information and the link to login to VTAG.

Please note: Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) should use LSI-TA (Local Service Interface-Trouble Administration) in Verizon East and WISE (Partner Solutions Internet Service Engine) in Verizon West to submit trouble reports on Partner Solutions/Resale Local Services and Resold/UNE Special Services. VTAG can be used by CLECs for any Access Service that they have ordered that is not unbundled. > more