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ASR Samples*

To help you create Access Service Requests (ASRs) for switched or special access services, Verizon offers a library of order samples that illustrate ASRs for different solutions. Each order sample includes commonly used forms, fields, and sample values for each field. Your order may not match any of these samples exactly. You may use these samples in their entirety or just the forms or fields that correspond to the exact order you are placing.These samples should be used as a guide. Please review the Valid Entry(s), Edit/Usage Rule(s), and Field Notes found in the Access Business Rules for the appropriate field value.

*Verizon makes these order samples available as a convenience to its customers. The order samples (including without limitation any error or inaccuracy contained therein) shall not be deemed to impose any obligation upon Verizon, or to alter any rights or obligations of Verizon or a customer under a Verizon tariff or agreement.