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Wholesale Financial Operations Billing Claims

About Wholesale Billing Claims

Verizon offers its wholesale market customers the opportunity to submit billing disputes on-line.

Getting an Account

For new customers, please fill out and submit the CUA request form

Note: If you do not have an authorization code or if you do not remember your authorization code, select "YES" to question "Are you a New Customer on the CUA Request Form ".

Help with Getting an Account

For more information on registering as a new user please click on New user accounts.

For more information on registering as an existing user please click on Existing user accounts.

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To access Wholesale Billing Claims, you need to be a registered user and sign in.

Help with Billing Claims

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Help with Contact Us Information

To find the appropriate billing claims contact information you will need to request access to this site. Once you have requested access to and submitted your first dispute the "Contact List " tab will populate the contact names and numbers associated for your specific company.