Provisioning for Access Services

The provisioning of access services is integrated into Verizon's access ordering processes. These processes utilize the Access Service Request (ASR) for the order format.

Before You Start

Use these links to become familiar with the process to help successfully submit an order for Access services.

Access Business Rules

Access Training

eWPTS Status Tool (enhanced Wholesale Provisioning Tracking System)

eWPTS is a web based application that will provide provisioning status on all Special Access / Design Services Orders submitted via the Access Service Request (ASR) Process. This Tool will provide Order Status, Jeopardy Conditions, Estimated & Actual Time of Arrival for Field Technicians, DEMARC Information & End-User Contingency Requirements To access the eWPTS Status Tool Application please visit our Access Ordering Application.

Access Ordering

eWPTS also offers our Customers the ability to enroll in a Verizon Build Subscription Service which would send daily Build Updates related to their Special Access / Design Services Orders.

Request eWPTS User ID / Password to subscribe to Verizon Build Updates

 eWPTS Subscription Service Enrollment User Guide


Provisioning Assistance

Provisioning or building of the Access Service continues through various phases until the circuit is tested and turned up for use.

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Help with Provisioning

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