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Forecasting Overview

Verizon together with input from CLECs has developed a comprehensive and mutually beneficial forecasting process for its wholesale customers. Created in 1997, this process provides a structured format for you to submit semi-annual forecasts for Collocation and Trunks. Forecasting allows Verizon to be better prepared to meet your requirements. Forecasts impact decisions regarding infrastructure planning, operational support readiness, human resources planning and staffing, and capital and expense budgeting. Additionally, provisioning intervals are linked to forecasts in some jurisdictions for some products.

Process Description

On a semi-annual basis, Verizon distributes an industry letter notification to announce the beginning of the upcoming forecast cycle. You typically have 6 weeks to develop and submit your demand forecasts for Collocation and Trunks via Verizon provided templates. Upon completion of your forecast, return them via e-mail to for review. Upon receipt of the raw customer forecasts, the Forecasting Team sends the individual forecasts to authorized personnel within planning and operations organizations. This allows downstream groups to have immediate access to customer data so that they can begin planning.


CLEC Forecasting Guidelines

Forecasting Template

Trunk Forecasting