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Establish & Maintain Account for Local Services

Welcome to Verizon Wholesale Local Services. This section covers information you need to know about Verizon to begin doing business with Verizon and maintain your account information as your business changes and grows.

To establish a wholesale relationship with Verizon, you will have to understand state and federal regulatory requirements and the tariffs under which you can purchase services from Verizon. Next, you will need to negotiate an interconnection agreement with Verizon, make yourself familiar with and obtain the appropriate industry codes, and will need to create and maintain a Local Services Profile via the Customer Profile Self-Service Tool (CPSST). You will need to establish connectivity and establish billing arrangements before being able to submit transactions to Verizon. Local Services Profile data must be submitted prior to requesting connectivity. As your needs may change and business grows, returning to this site will help ensure you are able to maintain the accuracy of your account.

After finalizing your agreement with Verizon, you will need to begin implementation of your network plans. Depending on your network considerations, you may require access to Poles, Conduits, Rights of Way and Joint User Agreements, or want to apply for collocation arrangements with Verizon. Finally, we will require regular forecasting input from you.

Once your relationship is established with Verizon, other sections of the web site will help you conduct day-to-day operations with us.


Regulatory and Verizon requirements define what information is needed to do business with Verizon. Learn more about these requirements and industry codes by accessing the selections below.

Regulatory Requirements

State Certification and Tariff Information

Verizon Requirements
Negotiating an Agreement

Account Security Requirements

Industry Codes and Contacts

Customer Profile Self-Service Tool (CPSST)

Billing and Connectivity Options
Establish System Connectivity

Establish Billing Arrangement

Key Network and Services Decisions
The information below will assist you in making decisions about the network and services that may need to be cared for to begin doing business in the Verizon Region.

Determining how and what facilities need to be provided (by either Verizon or another provider) is a key driver to business decisions that need to be made to do business with Verizon. The steps that a CLEC will take to interconnect to the Verizon network depend heavily on the network facility decisions made by the CLEC.


Network Facility Decisions

Network Interconnections
- Facilities Based Interconnections

Network Design Request Forms:
- Verizon Operator Services Questionnaire
- LATA Presence Request Form - North
- LATA Presence Request Form - South

Poles, Conduits and Rights of Way



Forecasting Overview

New York Sold House and Riser Assets
Last Updated August 1998

A listing by general geographic area in the State of New York served by Verizon that provides the names of the original purchasers and the addresses to whom Verizon - New York (formerly New York Telephone) sold some or all of the Outside Plant Cable assets categorized in the accounting system as House and Riser facilities.

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Bronx (38k pdf file)

Brooklyn - Staten Island (54k pdf file)

Central Area (62k pdf file) (includes Syracuse, Binghamton, Utica, Watertown)

Manhattan (63k pdf file)

Mid Hudson Area (56k pdf file) (includes Poughkeepsie, Monticello, Kingston and Catskill)

Nassau (57k pdf file)

Northeast Area (46k pdf file) (includes Albany, Schenectady, Glens Falls and Plattsburgh)

Queens (39k pdf file)

Suffolk (69k pdf file)

Westchester/Putnam/Rockland (78k pdf file)

Western Area (64k pdf file) (includes Buffalo, Olean)