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Contact Us - Internet Service Providers

This page provides sales and support contact information for Internet Service Providers. It includes a link to the Verizon Internet Service Provider site for product and service information and FAQs.
Partner Solutions Region only
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1-800-483-7222 Option 1
Use above number to reach a representative for questions regarding your bill.
File an on-line billing claim at this web site:
Online Billing Claim
To send an order, change or disconnect for Partner Solutions ISP products, please use the appropriate form below:

Primary Rate ISDN PRI-ISDN Request Form
ISDN ISDN Request Form
1MB/POTS POTS Request Form
T1 / T3 T1 / T3 Request Form
Frame Relay Frame Relay Request Form
S25 Exemption Certificate S25 Exemption Certificate Form

The West ISP Center handles all order activity for CA, TX, and FL at:ISPWEST@CORE.VERIZON.COM.

Ordering and Provisioning Contacts
Test and Turn Up
1-800-351-5673 (CA, TX, and FL)
Trouble Reporting/Repair
Use above number to reach a representative in the Repair Center for problems with an already-installed service.
Related Information
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