03.23.2018 | Verizon Partner Solutions


Evolving for the future at the 2018 VPS Partner Summit

Every year, we host the VPS Partner Summit as a way to connect with our customers, discuss the latest industry trends and present our newest marketplace offerings and innovations.

The 2018 VPS Partner Summit, recently held in Bonita Springs, Florida, focused on how VPS partners for success and, along with our customers, continually evolves for the future.

At the event, attendees had the opportunity to connect with Verizon Partner Solutions executives in an interactive forum, where our team discussed industry trends, shared the latest VPS promotions and gave customers an opportunity to preview Verizon Partner Solutions’ technological and strategic roadmaps for the current year.

For those who are interested in learning more, here are the top takeaways from this year’s summit.

Increasing Bandwidth Demands

With the rise of Industry 4.0 and a critical reliance on the Internet to do business, bandwidth demands are at an all-time high, and companies must be able to navigate the complexity of anywhere, anytime connectivity, and real-time flexibility, to effectively scale services.

To support such high requirements, organizations require next-gen infrastructure to meet their scale and connectivity demands. That’s where VPS–and our partners–help. Verizon invests heavily in its network to deliver consistently high performance and support the latest innovations.

Verizon Technology Shift

The top technology priorities for Verizon in 2018 revolve around being the first to 5G in the United States market. This technology shift will provide our customers with the best network experience available, drive our Intelligent Edge Network, transform the digital experience and develop industry-leading technology and thought leadership.

Customer Experience Transformation

One of the biggest trends on our customers’ minds is the simplification of the customer experience. VPS has answered that with the launch of our Customer Experience Transformation project, which simplifies the end-to-end customer experience for organizations in all industry segments.

Verizon Partner Solutions listened to the voice of our customers in developing this program, and created initiatives that represent Verizon’s brand values: Simply, For me, Reliably. These industry-leading initiatives include:

  • Simplified Onboarding - Since better matters, our number one goal is to provide customers with the best experience possible. We’ve simplified our wholesale onboarding process by making it easier to understand and simpler to navigate—making it easier to do business and strengthening partnerships overall.

  • Live Chat - The way companies do business has changed, and Verizon understands that our wholesale partners need more accessible support than ever before. Live Chat will offer our customers an opportunity to get answers when they need them, without even having to pick up a phone.

Our Commitment to Partnering for Success

We strive to accomplish our 2018 goals by leveraging market research and state-of-the-art training, utilizing the most up-to-date and trusted industry resources, and working to continuously evolve with market and consumer behavior.

Everyday innovation is the mindset we have here at Verizon Partner Solutions. As we continue on that path, we look forward to working with our wholesale industry colleagues, to partner for success and evolve for the future together.

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To get your business started with Verizon Partner Solutions, simply reach out to your account manager for a quote, or contact us to learn more.