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Verizon Partner Solutions – 2017 Highlights

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Verizon Partner Solutions (VPS) is the global wholesale partner of choice to deliver a better experience on a better network - connecting customers to the digital world. During 2017, VPS worked with customers to deliver connectivity services such as Ethernet, voice and Internet solutions in 2,700 cities across the globe. 2017 highlights include:

Clients and Partners:

VPS won new business, expanded current service or began agreed-upon work for a number of clients and partners, including: Clear Bank, Last Mile Corp (international voice services), Prime Global Communications (UK) Ltd, Xaccel Networks (SIP and Ftti); Bandwave Systems (IDE, Ftti); Brodynt (IDE); Sompoint Communications (Ethernet); Telasco Communications (International SIP); BTS (voice), Silicon Desert International (GigE), R4 Group (iVoip)

Product Enhancements:

During the year, VPS:

  • Rolled out a new 10G in 10 days install guarantee at select locations in the US.
  • Launched a Software-defined Wide Area Network solution to help its customers better control network operational costs and improve bandwidth efficiency, while also maintaining high levels of performance for critical applications - all without sacrificing security or data privacy.
  • Announced approval of a trial for consumer Fiber to the Internet (FTTI) services in New York, offering VPS customers a reliable, fast, and best-effort Internet service, built on Verizon’s award-winning Fios backbone.
  • Launched a new international VPN service in EMEA, offering access to Verizon’s Global IP Connect (VOIP) service.
  • Expanded its U.S. Ethernet-lit locations by over 18,000 to 250,000 locations in total, helping customers to benefit from easy installation coupled with competitive price points.
  • Launched new, competitive Ethernet access rates for Verizon’s Private IP and IDE networking services in the Verizon ILEC territory.
  • Introduced a new, Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI) aggregate billing solution which allows customers to spread cloud usage across multiple cloud providers. Verizon can now provide VPS customers with a single, shared high-usage data plan, rather than requiring an individual price plan per user. Customers therefore no longer have to pay additional fees for overage on one plan when another is underutilized, giving them better control SCI costs while improving their margin.
  • Developed new pricing for Wave services for 10G/100G solutions.
  • Enhanced its competitive pricing programs to leverage Verizon’s investment in Verizon’s new fiber optic program in Boston
  • Reduced provisioning intervals, thanks to a new, toll-free API, which also lays the groundwork for future enhancements related to reporting and international support.

Awards and Recognition:

VPS was recognized by ATLANTIC-ACM with:

VPS was also recognized by ATLANTIC-ACM in its US Metro Wholesale Service Provider Excellence awards in the ILEC category for:

  • Brand
  • Service Delivery
  • Customer Service
  • Data Value, and
  • Voice Value

VPS was recognized by Global Telecoms Business with:

Thought Leadership

Various VPS executives spoke at the MEF Forum in November 2017, including: