How Verizon Partner Solutions Helps Businesses Maximize Their Network Service

How Verizon Partner Solutions Helps Businesses Maximize Their Network Service

   - Brendan Gunn 

The way I see my role, as Verizon Partner Solutions’ Director of Global Ethernet & IP Services, is like a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle that is just one color and no picture. Our team is constantly collecting information, which helps us see and feel the shape and contours of the challenge. It is up to us to make sense of the puzzle and put everything together into a coherent strategy.

State of the Market

As business networks continue to evolve at lightning speed, companies are experiencing unprecedented increases in bandwidth usage. While the benefits of this are overwhelmingly positive, the strain on networks can present several challenges to your business from a cost and maintenance perspective.

Partnering for success is the key focus in Verizon Partner Solutions’ mission to help solve complex technology challenges for businesses. Between identifying cost-saving network efficiencies and offering a spectrum of flexible solutions, Verizon’s wholesale division has been able to meet the individual needs of organizations.

Maximizing Network Services

Developing a top-notch business network comes down to decision-making. In order to improve network efficiency, companies need to take advantage of all available options, and strategically select the service that is best tailored to the specific use case.

This decision does not have to be made alone. The industry-leading team at Verizon Partner Solutions is constantly monitoring the marketplace for changes in competitive service offerings. In turn, this spurs us to drive additional product enhancements, systems updates and more. Our ultimate goal is to help our customers get the most out of their network

In our quest to transform the customer experience, we are building a revolutionary platform. It will include simplified contracts and systems that will better unite the decision pool into one view, and allow companies to truly look at connectivity options as a unified whole, as opposed to independent decisions.

Enhancing Our Network

To help our customers get the most out of their networks, we make it a priority to enhance our own. For example, the Intelligent Edge Network is vastly reinventing and improving the services we offer, while introducing new and innovative options to our portfolio. Additionally, we’re a leader in 5G which will impact and reshape the market for connectivity in profound ways.

We are also heavily involved in the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum), an international nonprofit industry consortium dedicated to the adoption of Carrier Ethernet networks and services. One project we are working on helps promote cross-carrier services using SDN architecture. This will allow us to change service characteristics such as bandwidth, across carrier platforms, which further enables real-time dynamic services beyond the edges of our own network.

Watch the video below to hear some of my key takeaways from this year’s MEF conference and learn what it takes to build a global ecosystem of networks supporting agile, assured services aligned with the MEF 3.0 framework

The work we do here at Verizon has tremendous purpose. In today’s age of digital transformation and innovation, we are focused on building a more connected future today. The investments we are making to enhance our network services and solutions driven by our desire to help our customers thrive in today’s competitive digital economy.