Partnering for Success in the Verizon Business Group

Partnering for Success in the Verizon Business Group

Eric Cevis, Verizon Partner Solutions

Today, is an important day for Verizon Partner Solutions, as it’s the first day of the annual Verizon Partner Solutions Summit, where we welcome customers from all around the world to come together to learn, discuss and share best practice. This is the highlight of my annual calendar, and I’m very much looking forward to meeting with the team in Miami.

Now, Partnering for Success has long been the mantra for the VPS team. This is all about working alongside our customers to meet their business needs. Only by really understanding their business objectives, challenges and opportunities in detail, can we really offer effective support.

This year, we hope to take this commitment to a whole new level. We want to continue to build our customer relationships, strengthen our customer facing capabilities and solution portfolio, and continue to transform our services and solutions. Our aspiration is to empower our customers with best-in-class digital experiences to help them succeed in a digital world. It’s all about building tomorrow with the best of today.

The 2019 priorities for the VPS team are as follows:

We’ve already begun a series of initiatives to better support our customers - from transforming our customer service experience to integrating new capabilities like Pro Services, Security, and IoT into our service portfolio, alongside our Data, Voice, Ethernet, Wave and IP services. Innovation will remain at the heart of my team’s operations as part of our Verizon Business Group. Our focus will continue to be giving our customers the confidence that they can offer THEIR customers the best solutions currently available in the Communications Industry.

Of course, when we talk about innovation, we will not be doing innovation “for innovation’s sake”. For us, innovation is defined as “our proven ability to take what’s next and make it work in ways that are meaningful and transformational to customers”. Innovation has to be relevant. It has to change our customers’ opportunities for the better. And it will be built on a foundation of network superiority.

Verizon Partner Solutions had a great 2018 – and the organization has a vitally important role to play in 2019. Our Partner Summit offers an opportunity to get the ball rolling. For my customers, we already are the partner of choice as we deliver the promise of the digital world by enabling people, businesses and society to innovate. This week gives us an opportunity to sit down together and work out how we are going to drive positive change to build the future.