Meet the Team Putting the “Solutions” into Verizon Partner Solutions


Meet the Team Putting the “Solutions” into Verizon Partner Solutions

At Verizon Partner Solutions, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

While world-class innovation keeps us at the center of today’s connected world, it is Verizon Partner Solutions’ top-notch team that delivers the superior experience our customers count on.

A True Partner for Success

Exemplifying this focus on customer satisfaction is Sarah Lamothe – Associate Vice-President of Solutions Engineering at Verizon Partner Solutions. She and her team are committed to delivering the highest level of service as they partner with carriers, resellers and agents to maximize their network solutions.

From investigating customers’ voice propositions, to understanding their infrastructure security needs, Sarah looks at any elevated network elements associated with the increasingly rigorous requirements of the end user, and proposes strategies and solutions designed to improve their business effectiveness.

Verizon continually works to future-proof its network, making significant investments to support what our CEO calls the “Intelligent Edge Network”. Leveraging this world class network, Sarah and her team use their technical expertise to deliver unparalleled knowledge and recommendations.

Buzzwords Worth Knowing

As Sarah says: “Many of our customers get tied up in trying to understand which buzzwords are real, which technologies they can already use today and which are still in development, and which others are going to quickly fade. My team can work with customers to decipher and provide recommendations that will best meet each customer’s unique needs.” Here are just a few of the technologies that Sarah says are driving customer discussions today.


Ethernet has long been a connectivity staple, and Sarah believes it is a technology that markets will still need and require for some time – despite the predictions of some. Verizon will continue to support TDM services via Ethernet by way of circuit emulation—a focus that will continue to serve an important role in network development.


It’s no secret that SD-WAN plays a significant role in capturing broadband solutions. But now, SD-WAN is advancing to the point that it can also be paired with older broadband services to allow for more control over performance and resiliency. With SD-WAN, organizations have the capability to better control the quality of their services, mobility and security initiatives.


There is currently significant investment being made worldwide in 5G. It will not only provide the next generation of mobility, but also offers the capability to access new wireless applications. This is an exciting proposition in the network, and will be a game changer as we look at the next evolution of the industry. Verizon is recognized as a leader in the 5G evolution, and continues to invest in this space to enable the digital world for its customers.

Personalized Experience

Recognizing the specific needs of each customer is a critical element in being able to provide the right quality of service today. With a customer base that varies from large carriers to smaller providers and resellers, Verizon Partner Solutions believes there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Sarah and her dedicated team work tirelessly to provide customers with the best available options to meet their needs.

From expert knowledge on even the most technical trends, through custom solutions to meet an organization’s individual needs, to in-depth training sessions that help customers understand our vast portfolio, when it comes to partnering for success with your business, Sarah and her team strive to provide unparalleled results.

If you would like to know more about how the Verizon Partner Solutions team could partner with your business, contact us for more information.