Accelerate Your Business Forward with Verizon Wavelength Services

In just about every industry, there is a growing need for secure, reliable, cost-effective, high-speed bandwidth to support innovation and mission-critical applications and services..

Verizon Partner Solutions is the wholesale supplier equipped to answer that call, helping to empower you and your clients with world-class connectivity solutions that help organizations flourish.

Verizon Wavelength Services is one such solution.

Accelerating Businesses Forward

Fueling wavelength growth, the global optical networks market is projected to reach nearly $5 billion by 2021 – driven by ongoing CSP infrastructure buildouts/network refresh and ICPs continuing to add to their global networks. Additionally, through 2019, nearly 50% of IT services market growth will be directly attributable to digital technologies.

A fast, economical solution for your highest bandwidth needs, Verizon Wavelength Services uses dense wave division multiplexing technology to deliver low-latency, layer 1 connectivity of up to 100Gbps between sites. Pure layer 1 transport helps to improve application performance and reduce latency caused by MPLS switched networks.

We provide a private network connection between data centers, carrier hotels and enterprise locations to help you boost your core infrastructure, scale quickly, improve end-user application performance, and access dedicated capacity on demand.

By simply adding a single point-to-point wave on two router ports, you will be able to offload your WAN, provide much higher throughput, prevent bottlenecks in big data computing and enable an ‘active-active’ computing architecture.

The Verizon Advantage

With Wavelength Services from Verizon Partner Solutions, you’ll get access to Verizon’s state-of-the-art network spanning hundreds of thousands of miles – reaching more than 2,700 cities in more than 150 countries – with performance backed by Service Level Agreements (up to 99.9% network availability).

As a market leader in both global networking and security, Verizon Partner Solutions allows you to safeguard sensitive data and get enhanced protection via customized design options.

You’ll also be able to drive business continuity with our global optical transport network (OTN) mesh – used to restore service around proactive maintenance or fiber outages. Future enhancement includes wavelength protection feature via mesh restoration.

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To get your business started with Verizon Partner Solutions, simply reach out to your account manager for a quote, or contact us to learn more.