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If you have any questions about customer readiness please contact your Account Manager

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Customers should contact the Order Manager initially assigned to review their order and ask that the order be placed on hold.

Wholesale customers should issue a Supplemental order changing the Request Due Date to the date they will be ready.

Glossary of Acronyms x

CFA Customer Facility Assignment
CSG Carrier Supplier Gateway
DACS Digital Cross-Connect Access System
DD Due Date
Demarc Demarcation Point
DSR Dedicated SONET Ring
E/U End User
EPL Ethernet Private Line
EUCR End User Contingency Requirements Form
EVPL Ethernet Virtual Private Line
eWPTS Enhanced Wholesale Provisioning Tracking System
IBT IntelliLight Transport
IEF IntelliLight Entrance Facility
IOS Integrated Optical Service
IOTS IntelliLight Optical Transport Service
ISDP IntelliLight Shared Dual Path
LCON Local Contact
MPOE Main Point of Entry
OCO Overall Control Center
OWS Optical Wave Service
PON Purchase Order Number
SES Switched Ethernet Service