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    Readiness Overview

    Welcome to Verizon's Customer Readiness Website. This site will assist you in preparing for your Verizon service installation. Reviewing the content on this site and following some simple steps, will help facilitate a smooth installation of service.

    For those of you who are familiar with all aspects of Customer Readiness, below please find two tools for quick reference.

    Quick references

    Customer readiness, why is it so important?

    Although this section sounds self-explanatory, the importance of understanding Verizon's requirements and your responsibilities with regard to building access, local contact and demarcation point(s) should not be underestimated. A misunderstanding of these requirements and responsibilities results in more missed appointments and delayed service provisioning than any other reason. When placing your orders, please consider the requirements and responsibilities outlined in the following sections.

    Site Access

    Verizon may request site access

    1. when new cable or equipment will be installed by Verizon
    2. for a Verizon Representative to survey the site
    3. or
    4. for a Verizon technician to install the service

    When Verizon requests access to the building where we are scheduled to provide service, we need access to all areas where the engineer or technician may need to install and test the service, including:

    • The front door.
    • The location where the service is expected to terminate .
    • Any other areas that have or may need the installation of new telecommunications equipment and wiring for the requested service.

    Please note that Verizon requires access for the entire length of time of the proposed visit.

    Additionally, if the building owner requires advance permission for access, it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain this permission. If the building owner requires Verizon to be escorted though the building, it is the customer's responsibility to arrange for that escort for the entire time the Verizon Representative or technician needs to be at that location. If the building owner requires special security authorization, it is the responsibility of the customer to inform Verizon of this requirement and to facilitate the process of obtaining the necessary security clearance. If Verizon will need to perform work in building space other than the customer controlled space, Verizon recommends that you notify building management prior to the time site access is needed by Verizon personnel.

    Local Contact

    The Local Contact (LCON) and Alternate Local Contact (ALCON) should be a person who will be at the location where the service is to be installed when Verizon needs access to that location. He/she should have knowledge of the request and layout of the location, and be able to answer questions that the engineer or technician may have about the installation. It is always a good policy to list an Alternate Local Contact who can work with Verizon in the absence of the Local Contact. The LCON/ALCON will be the person who is contacted to schedule a site survey visit (when required) and to schedule installation and testing. The LCON and ALCON contact information on service requests should be reviewed frequently to ensure that it is current and accurate. Site appointments are significantly more efficient when the Local Contact and Alternate Local Contact information is accurate. It is strongly recommended that the LCON and ALCON email addresses be included in any ordering documents you submit or provided during any ordering discussions you have with your Ordering Representative.

    Demarc Policy

    The demarcation point (a/k/a, demarc) is the physical place where Verizon will terminate the service that has been ordered. For services governed by tariffs, such as DS1 and DS3 circuits, the demarcation point is defined in the tariffs and varies by state. Customers should refer to the tariff that governs the service they are ordering from Verizon prior to ordering. Here is a link to the site that provides tariff information: http://tariffs.verizon.com

    Services that are purchased through contracts may also have varying demarcation points. The demarcation information for these services can be found in the product guides for the services. The product guide can be provided by your Verizon account team or found at:

    Wholesale Services : http://www22.verizon.com/wholesale

    Retail Services : Please contact your Account Manager

    It is important to know where Verizon will terminate the service because additional work by the building owner or a customer vendor other than Verizon may be required to complete the service request.



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If you have any questions about customer readiness please contact your Account Manager

Not Ready? x

Customers should contact the Order Manager initially assigned to review their order and ask that the order be placed on hold.

Wholesale customers should issue a Supplemental order changing the Request Due Date to the date they will be ready.

Glossary of Acronyms x

CFA Customer Facility Assignment
CSG Carrier Supplier Gateway
DACS Digital Cross-Connect Access System
DD Due Date
Demarc Demarcation Point
DSR Dedicated SONET Ring
E/U End User
EPL Ethernet Private Line
EUCR End User Contingency Requirements Form
EVPL Ethernet Virtual Private Line
eWPTS Enhanced Wholesale Provisioning Tracking System
IBT IntelliLight Transport
IEF IntelliLight Entrance Facility
IOS Integrated Optical Service
IOTS IntelliLight Optical Transport Service
ISDP IntelliLight Shared Dual Path
LCON Local Contact
MPOE Main Point of Entry
OCO Overall Control Center
OWS Optical Wave Service
PON Purchase Order Number
SES Switched Ethernet Service