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Carrier Working Group (CWG)

Welcome to the Carrier Working Group Website.

The Carrier Working Group (CWG) is an Industry Forum that is chaired rotationally by Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs).

The purpose of the CWG:
  • Review and analyze existing measures
  • Ensure guidelines are current and valid
  • Reach consensus on changes and make recommendations
    to the NY PSC
CWG Participation Guidelines

Contacts for Participation

Link to the NY PSC

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Carrier Working Group (CWG) - Pennsylvania

PA Carrier to Carrier Guidelines - As approved by PA PUC Order dated October 22nd, 2015
Docket Number: Docket No. M-2015-2464294 Folder 19 (Reference Docket M-00011468 Folder 19)
Verizon will implement Version 19 of the PA C2C Guidelines with the January, 2016 Data Month Performance Reports

Proposed C2C Guidelines Updates

PA Carrier-to-Carrier Guidelines Ver. 19

Carrier-to-Carrier Guidelines Appendices Ver.19

NY C2C Order Ver.19

NY Errata Notice for C2C Ver.19 Order

PA Carrier-to-Carrier Guidelines Redline Ver. 19

Carrier-to-Carrier Guidelines Appendices Redline Ver.19

VZ PA Carrier-to-Carrier Guidelines Version 19 Order – 10/22/2015

VZ PA Carrier-to-Carrier Compliance Filing Letter - 01/04/2016

Proposed Performance Assurance Plan Updates

If no links present - currently no proposed updates

Directory Listing Error Remedy Plan Tariff Revisions

Docket Number: M-2009-2134347(F0016)

Tariff Exhibit