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FAQ for Pre Order, East
Keyword:  Network,Modifications
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- How does the CLEC obtain the engineering analysis?
- Who is eligible for a Network Loop Modification?
- Who should the CLEC contact if it has questions about the SUP 7?
- If a CLEC agrees to Verizon's terms, conditions, and rates for Network Loop Modifications, how does the CLEC obtain such modifications?
- How does the CLEC request a cost estimate for any required Engineering and Construction?
- If a CLEC wishes to cancel a request upon receiving the cost estimate, how may it do so?
- What are Network Loop Modifications?
- How long will it take for the SUP 6 response to return?
- What charges will the CLEC incur for Network Loop Modifications?
- After the CLEC has received their alpha identifiers, what is the next step?
13 Results       1-10  Next
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