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The entrance and exit to a communications network or system; a device or set of functions that facilitate electronic access by users to remote services or systems and vice versa. In data networks, gateways are typically a network node that connects otherwise incompatible networks. Gateways are commonly used to connect computers on one network, say a token-ring network, with those on a long-distance network. A gateway may be used to interface between two incompatible electronic mail systems or for transferring files from one system to another.


General Claims
Claims that cover more than one working telephone number.


Ground-Start (GS) Signaling
A type of switched access line supervisory signaling in which the network provides a battery source. To initiate a call, CPE equipment provides a ground on the ring lead. The ring ground causes DC current to flow, which the local switching system will interpret as a signal to provide dial tone.


Grandfathered Equipment
Telecommunications equipment, not registered with the FCC, that was directly connected to the telephone network prior to the formalized FCC registration program.


Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Computer interface that lets users access programs and enter data by using a mouse; considered to be user-friendly.


Group Address
A single address that refers to multiple network devices. Also known as Multicast Address.


See Graphical User Interface.



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