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See Wide Area Telephone Service.


WATS Access Line
A local channel from an end-user to a local exchange carrier switching system that provides a connection for volume discounted WATS and 800 Service calls.


WATS Serving Office (WSO)
Wire Centers with the technical capability to accept WATS Access Connections (WACs) or WAC extensions.


The length of one complete wave of an alternating or vibrating phenomenon, generally measured from crest to crest or from trough to trough of successive waves.


Wavelength Division Multiplexing
Provides a way of increasing the data carrying capacity of an optical fiber by simultaneously operating at more than one wavelength.


See Wholesale Billing Claims Center.


See Wholesale Customer Care Center.


See Wholesale Claim & Inquiry Tracking.


See Wavelength Division Multiplexing.


Web Site
A collection of files on the World Wide Web that are arranged under a common address that allows for retrieval via hypertext-based software.


The use of the Web as a one-to-many medium to broadcast events or hold collaborative conferences among remote participants.


Wholesale Advantage
A bundle of loop, switching, and enhanced features such as Voice Mail, offered through a commercially negotiated agreement between Verizon and a CLEC.


Wholesale Advantage with Voice Mail
A voice messaging service that Verizon offers in connection with lines ordered under a Wholesale Advantage agreement. A CLEC must have Voice Mail terms in its Wholesale Advantage Agreement before it can order this service.


Wholesale Billing Claims Center
The Verizon organization responsible for assisting Verizon Wholesale customers with questions regarding their bills and claims. This Verizon organization provides support to ISPs for Billing, Ordering, Provisioning, Test and Turn Up, as well as Trouble Reporting/Repair (Verizon West).


Wholesale Claim & Inquiry Tracking
A Verizon Wholesale application that enables Wholesale customers to submit billing claims via an online form. Learn more.


Wholesale Customer Care Center
The Verizon Wholesale center that is the point of contact for CLECs concerning systems availability, system errors, exceptions and Billing. Learn more.


Wholesale Internet Service Engine
A Verizon Wholesale web-based application for CLECs/Resellers to send and receive Pre-Order, Order, Order Status transactions and perform billing inquiries.


Wholesale Maintenance Center
The Wholesale Maintenance Center (WMC) is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all engineered services.


Wholesale Provisioning Tracking System
An administrative tool for managing and tracking Hot Cut conversions in the RCCC and CLEC operation centers.


Wide Area Network (WAN)
A network that links multiple locations together. A WAN encompasses a much larger geographic area than that of a Local Area Network (LAN).


Wide Area Telecommunications/Telephone Service (WATS)
Long distance service provided by various carriers that includes both intrastate and interstate service for outgoing and incoming (800) calls. WATS provides a bulk savings plan for companies with a high volume of toll calls, such as telemarketing. WATS charges include a flat rate for each hour of calling time, with cost per hour decreasing as toll usage increases.


Wire Center
This term is often used interchangeably with the terms central office and switch. Technically, the wire center is the location where the local exchange carrier terminates subscriber local loops, along with the testing facilities necessary to maintain them. A wire center can be a building or space within a building that serves as an aggregation point on a local exchange carrier's network, where transmission facilities and circuits are connected or switched. "Wire Center" can also denote a building in which one or more central office, used for the provision of exchange services and access services, is located.


Refers to mobile or cellular telecommunications, for which part of the communications pathway includes transmission through radio links to land-based networks. Wireless communications products and services include cellular phones and pagers.


Wireless Interconnection
A Verizon Wholesale Interconnection Service that enables a Wireless Carrier and Verizon to originate and terminate traffic from each other's network. Learn more.


Wireless Service Provider
Provider of telecommunications services such as cellular telephone, pages or personal communications devices.


Physical network with a serving territory.


See Wholesale Internet Service Engine.


World Wide Web or WWW or Web
An area of the Internet that allows for graphical information retrieval via hypertext-based software, such as a web browser like Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, in a point-and-click environment.


See Wholesale Provisioning Tracking System.



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