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X.25 Protocol
An international protocol that defines the interface between the customer's equipment and a public packet network Data Circuit Terminating Equipment for public packet switched networks; a reference to the section of the published international recommendations established by the International Telephone and Telegraph Consultative Committee (CCITT) where the particular type of protocol generally monitors electrical interface, error checking, etc.


X.75 Protocol
An international standard developed by the Consultative Committee (CCITT) for International Telephone and Telegraph that provides the foundation for interconnection of individual packet switched Networks.


X.400 Protocol
International standard for a store-and-forward message handling system in a multi-vendor environment.


X3T9.5 Protocol
The number assigned to the Task Group of the Accredited Standards Committee for their internal, working documents describing the Fiber Distributed Data Interface.


Xerox Network System (XNS)
A LAN architecture developed at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).


A generic term for Digital Subscriber Line - the letter "x" means generic.


xDSL Loop Qualification Inquiry
The xDSL Loop Qualification inquiry allows the CLEC to qualify facilities for xDSL loops prior to submitting an LSR.


xDSL Loop Qualification-Extended Inquiry
The xDSL Loop Qualification-Extended inquiry allows the CLEC to qualify a new or existing facility for xDSL loops prior to submitting an LSR.


Xpress Electronic Access
Verizon application for submitting InterLATA PIC and IntraLATA LPIC changes, Billing Name and Address (BNA) requests, Data Gathering requests (all PIC eligible lines under a Billing Telephone Number), and PIC/LPIC Database Verification requests.


Line Crossed. Line tests crossed. Also known as LN XED.



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