Access Job Aids*

The following Job Aids are available to assist you when ordering Access Services. Categories include: Fields, Forms, Request Types and Templates.

Frequently Accessed Job Aids

Ethernet Reference Guides

ASC EC Guidelines for Meet Point Orders

Service Address Validation Job Aid

CFA Job Aid

ECCKT Validation for an ASR

NC & NCI Job Aid

NJ/PA Corridor Job Aid

NY/NJ Corridor Job Aid

SPEC Job Aid

VTA Job Aid

All Job Aids (alphabetically)

Premises Readiness Checklists

RRC DS1 copper 102411 Final

RRC DS1 fiber 102411 Final

RRC DS3_OCn 102411 Final

RRC Ethernet 102411 Final

ACTL Job Aid
Access Customer Terminal Location (ACTL) field: explains CLLI Codes and common errors.

Adding or Deleting TQ Pages
Add or delete a TQ form (page) on a supplemental Access Service Request (ASR).

New! APOT Job Aid
Additional Point of Termination (APOT) field.

ASC EC Guidelines for Meet Point Orders

New! CFA Job Aid
The Pre-Order Validation CFA Search tool allows you to check if a channel of a facility is busy or spare by using CFA List, CFA Details and CFA Channel Details.

Clarification / Notification Request (C / NR)
C/NR is a request from the Verizon ordering centers for additional information, correction of an error or a change of a date due.

Copy an Existing ASR or Template
Explains how to create new ASRs by copying existing ASRs (templates).

ECCKT Validation for an ASR
Describes the Exchange Company Circuit ID (ECCKT) field and the validation process.

New! Expedite Job Aid
Explains the process for handling expedited requests for Special Access Services from Verizon's interstate access tariffs.

ICSC Code List
Displays a list of the Interexchange Customer Service Center (ICSC) codes and their location / function.

Jack Code Job Aid
Provides a list of valid jack code entries for Verizon East (North only).

New! Jurisdictional Reporting Job Aid
Provides forms and examples for quarterly reporting of jurisdictional factors.

New! NC & NCI Job Aid
Network Channel (NC) and Network Channel Interface (NCI) codes for ASRs.

NJ/PA Corridor Job Aid

NY/NJ Corridor Job Aid

New! QA Job Aid
Explains the Quote Authorized (QA) field and the Special Construction quote authorization process.

Service Address Validation Job Aid
Reviews the service address validation and population of the SALI (Service Address Location Information) form.

Service Inquiry
Explains how to query Verizon on its ability to provide a particular type and or quantity of service at some future date.

New! SPEC Job Aid
Offers the appropriate codes for the Service and Product Enhancement Code (SPEC) field on the ASR.

SUP - Supplement Type
The entry in the SUP field identifies the reason for which the supplement is being issued on the ASR.

VTA Job Aid
Valid entries for the Variable Term Agreement (VTA).

Wireless Translation Questionnaire (TQ)
Displays information for Wireless customers related to the use of the TQ form.

*Verizon makes these Job Aids available as a convenience to its customers. The Job Aids (including without limitation any error or inaccuracy contained therein) shall not be deemed to impose any obligation upon Verizon, or to alter any rights or obligations of Verizon or a customer under a Verizon tariff or agreement.