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E 9-1-1 Activation Process

The E 9-1-1 Activation Process Guide provides basic information needed by a CLEC, Wireless Carrier or Independent Telephone Company to interact with Verizon in providing Basic or Enhanced 9-1-1 Services to their end users. Information in this Guide includes information on Verizon's Network, provisioning information, ordering information, Service Manager contacts, number portability and other general information helpful to the carrier.

E 9-1-1 Electronic Interface Guide
The E 9-1-1 Electronic Interface Guide provides the Carrier with information needed by the carrier to feed information into the appropriate regional E 9-1-1 database depending on the area in which the carrier conducts business. The guide includes information concerning interface requirements, data standards and formats, error corrections, local formatting requirements, MSAG ordering procedures, and other useful information.

Manual Unlock Spreadsheet
This Manual Unlock Spreadsheet to be used in for resolving E911 "Failed Migrates" in all areas where a Verizon incumbent LEC is the E911 Service Provider.

VoIP 911 Guide
The VoIP 911 Guide provides information unique to VoIP carriers concerning ordering procedures for provisioning 911 services for their end users.

Wireless Activation Guide
FCC Docket No. 94-102 mandated the provisioning of 9-1-1 service within 180 days by wireless carriers when ordered by "PSAPs." The implementation of wireless 9-1-1 services is commonly provided in two phases. Phase I provides the PSAP with a call back number of the wireless 9-1-1 caller and an approximate location of the call to the PSAP based on the location of the cell/site sector where the call originates. Phase II also provides the call back number and cell/site sector where the call originates, but also provides more precise location information (latitude and longitude of the callers location).
The Wireless Supplement to the 9-1-1 Activation Guide provides information unique to Wireless Carriers concerning ordering procedures, how to order ESRDs/ESRKs, how to establish data services, ALI System Locators and Methods to provide Phase I and Phase II Services.

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