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Access Billing Process Flow

The processing of billing is as follows:

  • The customer initiates Access Service Requests (ASRs), which are translated into service orders to convert, install or modify access or collocation services.
  • These completed service orders are used to update the customer's Customer Service Record (CSR). The CSR provides an inventory of items that have a monthly recurring charge associated with them. Non-recurring charges are included in the Other Charges and Credits section of the bill.
  • The billing system receives and stores the data changes and generates appropriate recurring and non-recurring charges for inclusion in monthly access or collocation bills.
  • When access usage records are generated, they are passed to the billing system. The billing system generates the appropriate Minutes Of Use (MOU) charges for inclusion in monthly access bills.
  • In Verizon, once access or collocation charges are generated within the billing system, they are divided among a series of separate Billing Account Numbers (BANs).

    Figure: Verizon Billing Process Flow