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Interface Change Management
Change Request Form
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Change Request Form
Complete this form to submit a request to modify a Verizon OSS Interface. This appendix includes the fields required for a completed form. Instructions
Request Form
Fields denoted by * are required.
  * Initiator
  * Telephone Number - -
  * E-Mail
  * Initiator Company
  * States that are affected
    Products that are affected
Resale UNE UNE-P Interconnection LNP
    Process(es) that are affected
Pre-Order Order Repair Billing  
    Transaction(s) that are affected
  * Describe the Change  
Functionality that you would like to enhance
    Provide an example that justifies the change
(You can e-mail attachments to:
    How will your company benefit from completing the Change Request
How do you propose the Change Request can be implemented
    What is the expected output resulting from the proposed solution
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