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Use this site as a single point of access for all information about ordering collocation services and setting up collocation arrangements.

Collocation Overview

Getting Started
Start here to get information about the processes, requirements and agreements that are needed for all collocation arrangements with Verizon.

Applications and Instructions
Library of required applications for collocation arrangements.

Accessing Physical Collocation Space
Collocation Security Guidelines and Application for obtaining Verizon non-employee identification badges and access cards for access to physical collocation spaces in central offices.

Collocation Information
Includes Interval Guide, Space Summary, Industry Letters, Office Tour and Queue Process information, and list of contacts for shared space.

Remote Terminal Collocation
Includes the application forms to request Remote Terminal Collocation and Feeder Distribution Network Interconnect arrangements.

Types of Collocation Arrangements
Get an in-depth understanding of Verizon's wide range of traditional, ancillary and remote collocation arrangements.

Equipment, Real Estate and Installation Requirements
Includes documentation and technical specifications for the deployment and installation of CLEC equipment at Verizon premises.

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