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Pre-Order Transactions: Customer Service Record Information
Verizon East
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The Access Billing Customer Service Record (CABS) inquiry allows the CLEC to view Platform/UNE P service records. The Access Billing CSR inquiry is available in Verizon North (NY/NE).

When to Use
The Access Billing Customer Service Record (CABS) inquiry allows the CLEC to view the customer service records of their end users.

How to Complete
The required fields for submission of this inquiry are "Account Number," "Customer Code," "Agency Authorization Status," "State/Province" and "Account Status Indicator". The CLEC Billing Account Number and AECN must match in order to retrieve the CLEC's Access Billing Customer Service Record.

The "Section" field provides the option to view the first 20 pages of a selected section of the CSR; to view additional portions of the CSR use the "From Page" field. The CLEC may also utilize the "Service/Feature" field to narrow their search or locate specific information (i.e. Customer Circuit ID, Working Telephone Number, Multi-line Hunt Group, etc).

Pre-Order Samples
To help complete this Pre-Order transaction, select the reference number to view the corresponding sample that will illustrate the proper fields and valid entries for the transaction.

Access Billing Customer Service Record:
Ref. Description
  • View end-user's service record
  • Platform/UNE-P customers (Verizon - North only)
  • Using CLEC's CABS Billing Account Telephone Number

  • Responses from Verizon
    When the Account Number is incorrect, an error will be returned indicating that the Account Number (AN) does not exist. When a Working Telephone Number belonging to another facilities-based wholesale end user has been entered, an error will be returned WTN not found, indicating that no CSR can be found for that Working Telephone Number.

    The response will display the CLEC's account or portion of the account requested.

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    Business Rules Entry
    This column shows you the appropriate field entries for this Pre-Order transaction, as specified in the Verizon Pre-Order Business Rules.

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