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Address Validation Inquiry /Direct TN Selection and Reservation
Verizon East
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The Address Validation/ Direct TN Selection inquiry transaction allows the CLEC to validate the end user's service address prior to submitting a Local Service Request (LSR). In addition, it allows the CLEC the opportunity to reserve telephone numbers (TNs) for the end user. Reservation requests using Direct TN Selection are held for 60 days, one extension of 120 days for a maximum reservation period of 180 days will be allowed, however, the extension request may not be initiated within the first 30 days following the original request. Reservation requests using the Conversational mode are held for 180 days. Telephone number reservations may not exceed 180 calendar days.

When to Use
The Address Validation/TN Selection and Reservation inquiry is used prior to submitting an LSR for service at a new location, prior to making changes to existing service and prior to moving service to a new location.

How to Complete
The required fields for submission of this inquiry are "State/Province", "Transaction Activity" and "Transaction Number." An optional field that aids in the TN Selection and Reservation process is the "Expand Options Indicator" field. Select the transaction format, Direct or Conversational mode, by using the Expand Options Indicator and choosing the transaction activity:
  • New Inquiry (validate by address, no TN selection)
  • Validate by WTN (validate address by Working Telephone Number, no TN selection)
  • or Select (validate by address and select TN, Direct mode only)

When the Expand Options Indicator is not selected, it will default to "Direct" mode. In either mode, the CLEC may validate the end user's service address by using the service address or a Working Telephone Number (WTN) located at the service address.

Pre-Order Samples
To help complete this Pre-Order transaction, select the reference number to view the corresponding sample that will illustrate the proper fields and valid entries for the transaction.

Address Validation/TN Selection and Reservation:
Ref. Description
ADR/DTN (I) <1>
  • Validate service address
  • Using end user's full address

  • Responses from Verizon
    The response when using "Direct" mode will provide an Address Validation and allow up to five telephone numbers to be reserved simultaneously in a single transaction.

    The response when using "Conversational" mode will provide an Address Validation, and inter-linked TN Selection and TN Reservation inquiries. More than five telephone numbers can be requested.

    Both inquiry options provide switch information available at the service address. Cut-through information for residential service may be requested by populating the Cut-Through Validation Field (9a), and the Type of Service Field (9) on the Address Validation Inquiry Transaction.Cut through validation requests will indicate if cut through facilities exist and identify the number of additional Connecting Facilities available at the service address.

    The CLEC may receive a Partial Address Match response for "Direct" mode or Multi-line Text response for "Conversational" mode; either response will provide additional or clarifying information regarding the address that was submitted. The CLEC would use this information to modify their request and resubmit.

    The response may also indicate if Fiber is present at the address. The FCI field (Fiber Capability Indicator) will identify if Fiber is available. Valid entries are Y (Yes), or N (No) to indicate the presence of fiber.

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    Business Rules Entry
    This column shows you the appropriate field entries for this Pre-Order transaction, as specified in the Verizon Pre-Order Business Rules.

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