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Pre-Order Transactions: Collocation Assignment Validation
Verizon East
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The Collocation Assignment Validation inquiry allows the CLEC to validate UNE loops and splitters for collocation assignments terminating in a wire center, excluding the connecting facility arrangement (CFA) and sub loop arrangements.

When to Use
The Collocation Assignment Validation inquiry allows the CLEC to determine the status of the facilities being considered for use.

How to Complete
The required fields for submission are "State/Province," "Collocation Assignment Type" and "Local Service Termination." The CLEC's desired collocation assignment information must be provided as well.

Responses from Verizon
The response will provide assignment information at the time of inquiry. If multiple users are querying the same facility, the response for both may come back as "SPARE." The first user who submits a Local Service Request (LSR) would get the facility; the second user would be rejected.

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Business Rules Entry
This column shows you the appropriate field entries for this Pre-Order transaction, as specified in the Verizon Pre-Order Business Rules.

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