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Pre-Order Transactions: Loop Qualification DSL (LQD I)
Verizon East
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Note: The Loop Qualification DSL inquiry transaction is available only to CLECs who have a Verizon Wholesale Advantage Agreement containing terms for Wholesale Advantage DSL Service (WADSL). Loop Qualification DSL Inquiry allows the CLEC to perform a joint loop qualification and delivery address validation request or standalone loop qualification or delivery address validation requests. When the transaction is requesting loop information it will validate the service address and return the maximum speed available for the DSL Loop. When the transaction is requesting delivery address validation it will provide a US Postal Service validated address.

How to Complete
Required fields for submission of this inquiry are the "Customer Carrier Name Abbreviation", "Transaction Number", "DT/SENT", "Transaction Type", "Transaction Activity", "Company Code", "STATE". Loop requests will require either a valid "Service Address" or "Working Telephone Number". Delivery address validation will require standard postal address field entries.

Pre-Order Samples
Select the reference number to view the corresponding sample that will illustrate the proper fields and valid entries for the transaction.

Loop Qualification--DSL
Ref. Description
LQD I <1> Wholesale Advantage DSL Loop Qualification
Loop Qualification Standalone
LQD I <2> Wholesale Advantage DSL Loop Qualification
Loop Qualification with Delivery Address Validation
LQD I <3> Wholesale Advantage DSL Loop Qualification
Delivery Address Validation Standalone

Responses from Verizon
The following responses could return from Verizon:
  • Facility Environment (FE) - Identifies type of facility serving end user
    • A =Fiber to the Premise
    • B = Fiber to the Premise and Copper
    • C = Copper
    • D = Provisioning is not available at the address
  • Loop Status (LOOPSTAT) - Identifies the status of the loop qualification
    • E = Facilities Qualified, conditioning required (Vz amended)
    • F = Not qualified due to length
    • H = Not qualified due to Digital Single Subscriber Carrier (DSSC)
    • J = Not qualified due to disturber
    • K = Work order in progress
    • L = Facilities Qualified, no conditioning (Vz added)
    • M = Not qualified due to Verizon DSL service not available (Vz added)
    • N = Data already exists on TN specified (Vz added)
    • P = Temporarily not qualified. (Vz added)
  • Loop Speeds Available (LSA) - the highest speed available will be returned in this response. Response will be either:
    • Up to 384 kbps downstream and 384 kbps upstream
    • Up to 768 kbps downstream and 128 kbps upstream
    • Up to 3.0 mpbs downstream and 768 kbps upstream
  • Remote Terminal Indicator (RTIND) - Identifies that the location is served by a remote terminal. As of October 22, 2007, Wholesale Advantage DSL is now available on Remote Terminal.
    • Y = Yes (served by remote terminal)
    • N = No (not served by remote terminal)
When the inquiry is for loop qualification the response will provide Loop Status (LOOPSTAT) and other applicable fields; when delivery contact information is requested the response will provide an informational message and address elements meeting USPS standards.
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Business Rules Entry
This column shows you the appropriate field entries for this Pre-Order transaction, as specified in the Verizon Pre-Order Business Rules.

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