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Pre-Order Transactions: Customer Service Record Information
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The Customer Service Record (CSR) Information inquiry allows access to the Verizon CSR data for the purpose of determining existing services for a specified end user account.

NOTE: When an account is changed from Verizon Retail to CLEC, if there are no errors, the CSR is accessible the next business day. If the account is a New Connect, the CSR is normally accessible in 3 - 5 business days.

When to Use
The CSR Information Inquiry is used prior to submitting an LSR to view the end user's current services.

How to Complete
The required fields for submission of this inquiry are "Customer Carrier Name Abbreviation," "Market Segment," "Agency Authorization Status," "State/Province," and "Account Telephone Number."

A facility-based wholesale CLEC has the ability to retrieve their own CSR using their master Billing Account Number in the "Account Telephone Number" field.

Pre-Order Samples
To help complete this Pre-Order transaction, select the reference number to view the corresponding sample that will illustrate the proper fields and valid entries for the transaction.

Customer Service Record Information:
Ref. Description
  • View end user's retail/resale service record

  • Responses from Verizon
    The response will identify the primary and non-primary billing numbers for the same residential customer at the same address . The record will display the type of service line and associated features for all lines on the account. The response will display the end user's CSR if the CSR has less than 10,000 lines of information. When the CSR contains more than 10K lines of information the first 9,999 lines are returned and an informational message will direct the user to the Wholesale Customer Portal.

    When a telephone number belonging to a facilities-based wholesale end user has been entered and the account is an End User Listing Account, a CSR will be returned. When the account is a Directory Listing BAN Account, a response will be returned indicating that no CSR can be found for the telephone number.

    Federal and State Government Accounts, are not accessible using the CSR transaction, an error message stating "BTN Prohibited" will be returned. When this response occurs, the National Market Center (NMC) should be contacted. The NMC will provide a hard copy of the CSR after receipt of the Letter of Agency (LOA) on the federal agency's letterhead.

    A customer service record that has a Local Service Provider Freeze is not eligible for migration. The End User must first contact their current provider and request to remove the account level block.

    When service is provided by Fiber to the Premise, a FID indicating Fiber is  populated on and returned on the Customer Service Record in the existing Feature Detail field on the parsed CSR.

    Retrieval process for CSR with over 10,000 lines of information

    The Customer Wholesale Portal (CWP) Reports have replaced the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Platform for recovering CSRs containing more than 10,000 lines of information. When these large CSRs are requested via any of the wholesale interfaces an informational message with a specific file name is provided to the user; "Maximum lines exceeded, please access Customer Wholesale Portal, using file name XXXXCCYYMMDDHHSSMM.a.CSR"

    Go to Customer Wholesale Portal (CWP) Reports,. for information to register and obtain reports using the Customer Wholesale Portal (CWP) Reports process.

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    Business Rules Entry
    This column shows you the appropriate field entries for this Pre-Order transaction, as specified in the Verizon Pre-Order Business Rules.

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