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Responses provide the CLEC with the status of their Local Service Request (LSR). Responses are provided for various reasons, to include:
An acknowledgement is sent to notify the CLEC when an LSR is submitted and has passed basic editing for required fields and data elements. The CLEC will receive a message, "Order being processed" in WISE or "LSR was Accepted" in EDI.

  • An acknowledgement is received immediately after submitting a request that passes basic editing.

Error Messages
A System Error is generated by the system and indicates that the request cannot be processed until the error is cleared by the CLEC. A Manual Reject is sent to the CLEC by the National Market Center (NMC).
  • Error codes and descriptions can be found in the Business Rules. Access the section titled "Look Up an Error Code" to assist with the identification of a particular error code and the error message will be returned. In addition one can access a description of requirements for a specific field.
  • Once the error has been investigated, the request will need to be resubmitted to make corrections or to Cancel.

System Error
A System Error or Reject is generated when an LSR is submitted with an invalid or missing field or form. System Errors and Rejects contain standardized codes that will enable the CLEC to identify and correct the error. A System Error is received immediately after an error is detected.

Manual Reject
A Manual Reject is sent to the CLEC by the National Market Center (NMC) when incorrect data is contained on the LSR. A Manual Reject contains specific details about the LSR that will enable the CLEC to identify and correct the error. A Manual Reject should be returned within twenty-four (24) hours after being received by the NMC.

Local Response/Jeopardy
A Local Response is a series of notifiers that includes the Firm Order Confirmation (FOC), Jeopardy (JEP) and Cancellation (CANCEL).

Local Response
The LR provides critical information regarding the due date, request details or Jeopardy information. Information returned is based on the type of service requested on the LSR.
Verizon provides a LR within twenty-four (24) hours after receipt of a valid and error free Local Service Request (LSR).

A Jeopardy indicates risk of missing a confirmed due date and/or the need to provide additional information required to process the request. A Jeopardy includes the following information:
  • Response Type (RT) - will be populated with a "J".
  • Reason Code (RCODE) - will be populated with the reason code that corresponds to the reason the request may not meet the requested due date (ex. 1A, 1B, etc.) The Business Rules include field level descriptions identifying the Jeopardy codes.
  • Reason Jeopardy Code Detail (RDET) - may identify further details for the service when the reason/jeopardy code for the order is not defined. To resolve a Jeopardy notification, incorrect entries must be corrected, a new due date provided (when required), and a SUP 2 or 3 submitted using the original PON number. To cancel an LSR as a result of jeopardy, a SUP 1 must be submitted. The same PON number must be submitted with a new version (VER) to clear an existing Jeopardy. In order to retain the telephone numbers, the order must be resubmitted within 30 calendar days; otherwise, the telephone numbers will be lost.

Resale Delayed Order Report (DOR) Process:
When there are no facilities and Verizon engineering puts the order on hold until a future date when the work will be completed, the CLEC will receive a JEP with:

JEP Code HP60
OBF Code 2B
LR/RDET Field Work Order Pending- No BFR Required

The LR/RDET field might also be populated with "No Facilities" and provide an Estimated Due Date. No action is needed by the CLEC at this time. After engineering works the order, the CLEC will either receive a JEP or a PCN/BCN.

Network Loop Modification
Verizon's Loop Modification process allows CLECs to request a cost estimate for work activities required for Verizon to provision a loop order when the CLEC has been notified that no compatible facilities are available for the service ordered - e.g., UNE-P, UNE Loops, etc. Once Verizon identifies the required work activities, the CLEC may submit a SUP requesting Verizon to perform the identified loop modification, or the CLEC may cancel the PON. Loop modifications are available only to CLECs whose interconnection agreements contain the requisite rates, terms, and conditions. NOTE: Commission-ordered exceptions may apply in certain states. Please see Triennial Review Order Amendments for more information. Also, see Network Modifications Identifiers for a listing of modification USOCs, alpha identifiers and descriptions.

For additional information on Network Modifications, see our FAQs.

For any questions regarding a SUP 6, you should contact the WCCC.
For any questions regarding a SUP 7, you should contact the NMC.

See Facility Modification Web Navigation for a better understanding of process flow.

Bona Fide Request (BFR) Process
Except as otherwise provided in the interconnection or resale agreement with the CLEC, or in applicable tariffs, the Bona Fide Request (BFR) process is used when the CLEC requests access to a UNE or a combination of network elements that is not currently offered in an interconnection agreement, SGAT (Statement of Generally Available Terms and Conditions), or tariff, and that Verizon is required to provide under applicable law.
Notice of Cancellation
This confirms that the LSR has been canceled. There should be remarks as to the reason the LSR was canceled for example: LSR canceled per your SUP 1 request.

Completion Notice
A Completion Notice (CN) provides the CLEC with confirmation that all provisioning associated with a request has completed.

The CN is provided within forty-eight (48) hours after completion of the Local Service Request (LSR)

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Business Rules Entry
This column shows you the appropriate field entries for this Pre-Order transaction, as specified in the Verizon Pre-Order Business Rules.

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