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Collocation Facility Assignment Inquiry
Verizon West
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The Collocation Facility Assignment Inquiry provides a CLEC with the Collocation assignment information. The condition of the existing facility(s) will be identified as assembled in the field.

When to Use
The Collocation Facility Assignment Inquiry is used prior to submitting a Local Service Request (LSR) for service at a new location, prior to making changes to existing service and prior to moving service to a new location.

How to Complete
Many fields will be automatically returned using the information from the address validation transaction. The required fields that need to be populated are: "Customer Carrier Name Abbreviation," "Company Code," "Transaction Number," "Transaction Type," "Transaction Activity," "State," "Local Service Termination (LST)," Shelf, and Slot.

Responses from Verizon
The response will provide the CLEC with the Assembled Facilities Status. This field identifies the condition of the existing facility(s) as assembled in the field. Valid entries are: A (Working), B (Pending in), C (Pending out), D (Connect thru), E (Connected facility), F (Spare), G (Partially connected facility), and H (Inoperable). Other fields will be provided as applicable i.e. Account Telephone Number or Order Number.

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Business Rules Entry
This column shows you the appropriate field entries for this Pre-Order transaction, as specified in the Verizon Pre-Order Business Rules.

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