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Pre-Order Transactions: Location Porting
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The Location Porting inquiry allows the CLEC to determine if their customer's telephone number may be location ported to another service address within a rate center.

When to Use
The Location Porting inquiry is used when an end user is moving or is requesting products and services that are not present in their current switch and wants to keep their telephone number.

Available features at the new location can be determined by using one or more Product & Services Availability (optional) transactions for each Exchange Key (EXKEY) to determine if comparable or required features are available in the switch that will serve the new service address.

How to Complete
An Address Validation inquiry must be completed on both the current and new and old addresses to obtain the Exchange Key information. Perform an address validation Inquiry for the current address using the WTN that is moving, for the new service address perform an address validation Inquiry using either Direct or Conversational mode.

The required fields for submission of the Location Porting inquiry are the "State/Province," the "Ported Telephone Number" and the "Exchange Key."

Pre-Order Samples
To help complete this Pre-Order transaction, select the reference number to view the corresponding sample that will illustrate the proper fields and valid entries for the transaction.

Responses from Verizon
When a telephone number is eligible for Location Porting the PTNRESP field is populated, "YES."

When the telephone number is not eligible for Location Porting an Error Message is returned "The input telephone number is not eligible for porting."

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Business Rules Entry
This column shows you the appropriate field entries for this Pre-Order transaction, as specified in the Verizon Pre-Order Business Rules.

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