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Pre-Order Transactions: Loop Make-Up
Verizon East
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The Loop Make-Up inquiry provides the CLEC with the physical make-up of the facilities at the selected location.

When to Use
The Loop Make-Up inquiry allows the CLEC to determine if facilities exist for loop technology-dependent products prior to submitting a Local Service Request (LSR). The inquiry is not related to any specific product type.

How to Complete
The Loop Make-Up inquiry is processed using the service address as returned on the Address Validation response to ensure qualification of the correct facilities.

The "Working Telephone Number" field may be used. However, when the telephone number is CLEC-owned or location-ported the CLEC must validate using the service address.

The required fields for submission of this inquiry are the "State/Province" and either the valid "Service Address" or "Working Telephone Number."

Responses from Verizon
The response when using the valid Service Address may provide up to two (2) Loop Make-Up responses.

The response when using the Working Telephone Number will provide one (1) Loop Make-Up response.

Some Loop Make-Up data in the response transaction is specific to the loop as a whole, while other data is relevant to loop segments that make up the complete loop. For loops made up of multiple segments, loop segment specific data is provided only for the first four segments of the loop.

The Loop Make-Up response will contain the bridge-tap location and length, composition of loop (copper, fiber, etc.) presence of load coils with quantity and spacing and pair gain presence, as applicable.

The return of certain fields (ILD, F1DTSAME/F1DTADJ through F4DTSAME/F4DTADJ) in specific Verizon East jurisdictions require calculations to be completed by Verizon. Other fields used to indicate Packet Switching at Remote Terminals (PARTS) availability (RTIND, LPAC and LSA) may be returned in specific Verizon East jurisdictions as well. Additional fields (LC, LCI1/LCA1 through LCI4/LCA4) may be returned for sub-loops.

When the query is by WTN and these fields are available, the response time may take up to 1 minute.

When the query is by Service Address and these fields are available, the response time may take up to 2 minutes.

When the response includes a Loop Make-Up status of "A," the loop has insufficient loop length data available to support the specific request.

The response may also indicate if Fiber is present at the address. The FTTP Capability Indicator field will identify if Fiber is available. Valid entries are N (No), or Y (Yes) to indicate the presence of fiber. FTTP stands for Fiber to the Premise.

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Business Rules Entry
This column shows you the appropriate field entries for this Pre-Order transaction, as specified in the Verizon Pre-Order Business Rules.

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