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Pre-Order Transactions: Loop Qualification--Extended
Verizon East
Switch Region: East West

The Loop Qualification—Extended inquiry allows the CLEC to qualify facilities for ISDN service prior to submitting an LSR.

When to Use
The Loop Qualification—Extended inquiry is used when the initial attempt to qualify the loop using the Loop Qualification inquiry is unsuccessful.

How to Complete
The required fields for submission of this inquiry are "Transaction Type," "State/Province," and either the valid "Service Address" or "Working Telephone Number."

The valid service address, as returned on the Address Validation response, is used to ensure qualification of the correct facilities.

The Working Telephone Number field may be used, however, when the telephone number is CLEC owned or location ported, the CLEC must validate using the service address.

Responses from Verizon
The initial response will include a message stating, "Manual Processing Required-response will be provided within 48 hours."

The subsequent response may include one of the following values in the LOOPSTAT (Loop Status) field:

  • "A" = facility is qualified for ISDN service
  • "B" = facility is not qualified for ISDN service
  • "F" = facility is not qualified for ISDN service due to excessive loop length
  • "G" = facility does not support ISDN. This may result when a location is only served by integrated pair gain or no spare facilities are available.
When an extended transaction is submitted for loops that were previously returned as qualified the same qualification data is returned.

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Business Rules Entry
This column shows you the appropriate field entries for this Pre-Order transaction, as specified in the Verizon Pre-Order Business Rules.

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