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Pre-Order Sample ASI (LSOG 9): Appointment Scheduling Inquiry (View Only)
Verizon East
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Pre-Order Sample ASI (LSOG 9): Appointment Scheduling Inquiry (View Only)
Pre-Order Transaction Appointment Scheduling Inquiry
Verizon Region East
Pre-Order Details
  • Determine if a specific due date is available
  • Notes: Entries used in the Pre-Order Samples are for illustrative purposes only. Please complete the fields with CLEC/end user information.

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    No. Field Data Description LSI Input Business Rules Entry
    2 TXNUM Transaction Number Identifies the customer provided tracking number to link the inquiry with the response xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    3 D/TSENT Date and Time Sent June 8 2006 0800 200608080800
    4 TXTYP Transaction Type Appointment Scheduling D
    5 TXACT Transaction Activity Reservation R
    7 CC Company Code Z001 Z001
    10 TOS Type of Service Residence 2---
    10d REQTYP Request Type Resale E
    10e ACT Activity New Line Installation N
    32 STATE State/Province New York NY
    40 QR Quantity Requested Telephone numbers or loops to be installed 1

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    Business Rules Entry
    This column shows you the appropriate field entries for this Pre-Order transaction, as specified in the Verizon Pre-Order Business Rules.

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