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Ordering Resale Services: Centrex Resale
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Product Overview

Centrex Resale is a central office based telecommunications system that provides telecommunications access lines and call management features. It utilizes a complex dedicated software block in a central office switch that defines the calling patterns, access and call management features for each line in the system.

Service Types

The following service type(s) of Centrex Resale are available:
  • Centrex
Before Completing Your Order

Please gather and validate the following information prior to submission of your Centrex Resale order.

Order Information for Centrex Resale:
Action Reference
You will need to determine if the area where you are provisioning service is served by FTTP (Fiber to the Premises). Fiber Availability (East)
If you are provisioning new or change service determine a valid due date for your order. Resale Intervals (East)pdf file
Identify the appropriate blocking to be applied to the account if you are ordering a block on an end user account. See Appendix in Verizon's Business Rules (East)
To ensure accurate order submission and E911 database updates determine valid service address for the end user. Obtain accurate information from the end user and validate by using the appropriate Pre-Order transaction. Address Validation/TN Reservation Pre-Order Sample (East)
Determine other order information by completing the appropriate Pre-Order transaction for your order activity type. Order Activities and Pre-Order Transactions
Gather accurate service ordering codes. Universal Service Offering Codes (USOCs) (East)
Provide the correct TOS (type of service) for the specific service being requested. Verizon's Business Rules
CLEC to CLEC Migration -
In the Pre-Order process:
  • Contact the "Donor" CLEC and request service configuration.
  • Determine a valid due date.
  • Coordinate due dates with the "Donor" CLEC (1 LSR is sent to Verizon and 1 Service Request is sent to the "Donor" CLEC).
  • NOTE: "Donor" CLEC is responsible for sending notification via PS/ALI (Alpha/Numeric Listing Identifier) connection to "Unlock" E911 Database. The request is dated to correspond with the service order due dates.
  • Reserve any additional telephone numbers by using the appropriate Pre-Order transaction.
  • The "Donor" company issues an "UNLOCK" function transaction record via the appropriate Verizon electronic interface system. This transaction unlocks the customer's E 9-1-1 record. At this point, AND NOT BEFORE, the Recipient Company must issue a 'Migrate' function transaction record via the appropriate Verizon electronic interface system. This migrate function transaction record will change the ownership of the TN record from the "Donor" Company to the Recipient Company, create a new ALI record, and lock the record to the Recipient Company.
Resale Product Interval Guide (East)

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Completing Your Order

Centrex Resale "REQ TYP" (requisition type) provided on the LSR is "PB".

If you are providing service in an area that is served on FTTP (Fiber to the Premises), the end user will be responsible for providing the electrical power at their premises including battery power.

Verizon Order Samples model how to complete several types of Centrex Resale orders.

Verizon's Business Rules provide complete explanations of how to populate order forms with valid entries.

Voice Mail, check with Verizon for availability, contracts may need to be negotiated with Verizon.

Operator Services and Directory Assistance Services (OS/DA) contracts may need to be negotiated contact Verizon for specific details.

The CLEC populates the feature detail field with the term agreement information - Example: TA XX MO (XX signifies the number of months).

CLEC to CLEC Migration -
In the Order process:
  • Submit an LSR using the "ACT" of "N" and the "LNA" of "N".
  • When porting in a Verizon NXX, the same telephone number (TN) can be ported back provided the end user has not moved out of the rate center. Rate Centers can have multiple switches (wire centers). In Verizon West, contact your NMC Specialist.
  • When porting in a CLEC NXX, the TN can only be provisioned in the wire center associated with the end user's address. Wire Centers are exchange areas within a central office.
  • Reserved telephone numbers can be ported when the end user is also porting an active number. The LSR must list all TNs porting, including the reserved TNs. The "Remarks" field is noted with the reserved TN(s).

For information related to Centrex features including Intercom (Verizon South), Speed Calling Single Digit and Speed Calling Two Digit (Verizon North) see the Resale Centrex USOC Guide.

Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) is available to Business and Government end users. It is not valid on Residential Accounts. It is ordered by populating the "TSP" field with an authorization code. A TSP Authorization Code is assigned to the end user by the Office of Priority Telecommunications. A separate unique TSP Authorization Code is required for each service or circuit ID. Separate codes are required for each segment or location of a multi-point circuit. It is the responsibility of the end user to obtain the code and provide to their local service provider.

In Verizon East, the Centranet Data Gathering Form must be submitted when ordering Centranet service.

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