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Ordering UNE Services: Number Portability
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Product Overview

Number Portability allows the end user to retain the same telephone number when changing local service providers.

Service Types

The following service type of Number Portability is available:
  • Local Number Portability (LNP)
Before Completing Your Order

Please gather and validate the following information prior to submission of your Number Portability order.

Order Information for Number Portability:
Action Reference
If you are provisioning new or change service determine a valid due date for your order. UNE Intervals (East)xls file
Identify the appropriate blocking to be applied to the account if you are ordering a block on an end user account. See Appendix in Verizon's Business Rules (East)
To ensure accurate order submission and E911 database updates determine valid service address for the end user. Obtain accurate information from the end user and validate by using the appropriate Pre-Order transaction. Address Validation/TN Reservation Pre-Order Sample (East)
Determine other order information by completing the appropriate Pre-Order transaction for your order activity type. Order Activities and Pre-Order Transactions
Gather accurate service ordering codes. Universal Service Offering Codes (USOCs) (East)
Provide the correct TOS (type of service) for the specific service being requested. Verizon's Business Rules

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Completing Your Order

Number Portability "REQ TYP" (requisition type) provided on the LSR is "CB".

Verizon Calling Cards associated with telephone numbers that are being ported to a CLEC are discontinued. Toll calling plans associated with ported telephone number will be removed before porting. The CLEC will advise the end user that the calling cards and toll plans will be discontinued.

If all numbers are not being ported, unwanted numbers can be disconnected.

Additional References

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